Stability and Fall Protection Vest

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ComCor® Stability Vest.

Help people with disabilities to stabilize and prevent falling when standing, walking and moving from chairs, vehicles and when sitting. Four handles give you better control to help others in need to feel more confident and protected.  Two handles on the front one either side and two on the back. Much kinder than grabbing arms and clothing. Nothing worse than causing bruised arms or dislocated shoulders when trying to stabilize your loved ones. ComCor® Stability Vest gives you peace of mind knowing you can hold them with less discomfort.


  • Full webbing construction
  • Reinforced to hold for years
  • 3" wide shoulder for comfort
  • 4 Handles
  • 5 Sizes: Adult, Big, Xtra Big, Youth, and Child
  • Made in USA
  • Approved by Physical Therapists and Disabilities Professionals
  • Lifetime Warranty*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee**
  • Fast Shipping USPS***

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