Nylon RFID Minimalist Wallet

Sale price $19.95 Regular price $49.95


  • 7 Sleeves - Fits in Front Pocket 
  • Compares to Freitag wallet $50 Value!
  • UV and FR Coatings
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • Heavy Stitching on 18 oz. Vinyl Material

Small, functional wallet for sports, and extreme activities. The RFID protection keeps your scannable digital data safe. Made with waterproof vinyl for long life. Takes a beating and looks great for years!

Has bill sleeve that expands and 6 other sleeves to put credit cards, ID, business cards and more safely tucked away. The wallet is not much larger than a credit card so it fits your front pocket for maximum security when walking in a crowd where pick-pockets happen most.

Compares to the Freitag brand wallets that costs over $50.


Made in the USA!

*Against Defects. **Less Shipping.