ComCor Pro Suspension Trainer

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ComCor® Suspension Strap Trainer  Connects to Chin Bar, Tree Limb, Anchor or Strong Door.  Highest quality materials and workmanship. We use EPDM foam grips; weather resistant rubber and made to last years. Handle orientation is flat & non-abrasive. Features full adjustments ranging from floor level and up to 8'.  Attach at one point or two.

Builds total body with dynamic tension, isometric, and kinetic type workouts.  Foot-slings are removable. Tested to hold over 600 lb. load. 

 30-Day Money-Back* guarantee. 

Lifetime Warranty against any defects.  *(Less shipping) 


  • EPDM Outdoor Quality Foam Grips
  •  Made in USA
  • 1500 lb. rated webbing
  • 2000 lb. rated snap hooks
  • Removable Foot Slings
  • Polyolefin Protective Coatings
  • Includes Heavy Nylon Zippered Storage/Carry Bag****
  • 20 Youtube Exercises
  • Zippered nylon storage bag**** (color may differ)
  • Includes: Soft Door Attachments for use at home, work or hotel - Never miss a workout!
  • Includes: Tree Limb anchor strap, fully adjustable for single-point attachments

      Voted "Best Suspension Trainer 2019" 

      Best MMA Suspension Trainer 2019

      Best Rated Suspension Trainer  by KillerMuscle


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      5 Stars

      Strongest suspension trainer yet!

      on May 25, 2017

      Verified Purchase

      "Strongest suspension trainer yet and I have tried several. 
      Even though all of the ones I have used have been nothing but very good, 
      this is by far the strongest unit yet. While most can handle between 350-500 lbs. 
      this one can handle 1000 yes you read it right. 
      Nothing fancy but super durable and strong at a third of the price of many other brands.  
      I highly recommend it!"

      Rating: 5/5
      "Made in USA, sturdy, functional, and I use it everyday." - Matthew C. (Amazon verified Purchase)

      "Half the price of TRX and all of the quality. I love this product." - Kevin M., Fl. (Amazon verified Purchase)

      "Love this system! Better built than TRX and much more affordable. Especially like the separate strap system when doing TRX-style push-ups since these straps do not chafe your arms like the single-point TRX anchor system. Super easy to adjust height quickly. Overall superior to so many other strap exercise systems I have used! " - Jamie T., (Amazon verified purchase).


      ****Bag color may differ.