ComCor I Sled Harness

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  • Non-Slip Belt system: light pulling stage 1 & heavy pulling stage 2 
  • Single or Double strap connection for your weighted sled
  • 3 Chest Sizes: Youth, Adult and Big & Tall (measured under chest line)
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Defects
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • Made in the USA - Not Imported
  • Optional Padded Shoulders
  • Optional 9' Pull Strap 
  •  Optional *2-point  or **Single point sled connection
  • All Metal Fasteners; no plastic to break!
  • 2 Anchor Rings: 1 Front, 1 Back

NEW ComCor®  I Sled Harness for quick, simple use. 3" wide shoulders. Optional 9' pull strap with 2000 lb. rated snap hooks. Optional 1 or 2 point sled connection. Optional Padded Shoulders. Helps build strong core muscles, strength for sprinting, power for football, lacrosse, baseball and soccer. Great for person gym use and Crossfit® workouts. Fully reinforced at all stress points. Perfect for dragging tires, sleds, parachutes and more at a great price! The Dual-Action Belt connection allows you to pull light loads with 2 D-rings or heavy loads with 4 D-rings no belt slipping or failures like other sled harnesses which slip, or break.

10 guys pull 22,000 lb. water truck 300 ft.  ComCor® Sled Harnesses will do the job!

*2-point sled connection means your sled requires two connections.

**Single point connection means your sled has only one point to connect to.

Fast shipping via USPS priority mail service 2-day** plus weekends and holidays. 

*(less shipping)

** Some areas are 3-day 


"I had quite a few jack pine trees that had blown over and broken trunks and were hung up on the pines next to them this past winter on the back of our property.  There was no way to get any big equipment in there without cutting paths to get in, so I decided I had to cut them down, and pull them out manually.  Your sled vest and 9 ft strap were what I was hoping could do the job.  

After reading a lot of reviews on expensive sled vests that tore apart after pulling the first sled, I found your website.  The vest looked well made and sounded great.  I was skeptical because it was significantly cheaper than the vests that had problems.  Anyway I ordered it, hoping that it would be sturdy enough to pull 8 ft pine logs out of the deep woods on my property.  

I know these vests aren't "made" to pull 200-300 lb logs through dense undergrowth, but I was hoping for the best.  I cut  9 leaning jack pines and pulled them down out of the stand, cutting them into 8ft lengths, Wrapped the 9 ft strap around them and hooked it up to the vest and started dragging them out of the woods.  To my surprise the vest held up perfectly, the logs snagged and got caught on other trees and in general weren't cooperative. So it was a real chore to get them out of there.  After 3 days of cutting and pulling logs I had taken out 22 trees all over 50ft and the vest and strap are just like new!  No pulled stitching, nothing loose, no damage done.  In fact other than some scratched fibers on the strap, everything looks brand new!!  Thanks for a great product and your vest was just what I needed for an "off the label" solution.  If it can stand up to pulling logs out of deep undergrowth for days, it certainly can pull a weighted sled."
Thanks!  Frank Rezack

"This is a tuff, strong harness. I got mine to use for tire pulling and it's holding up great...very durable and tuff!! Good harness for the money!!" - A. Hancock, VA 

"Cooler than the other side of pillow on crisp autumn night. Brings a new level of fun to weighted conditioning sessions. The best tow strap are very durable, I am pulling 350 pounds for timed sessions 25 yards forward and 25 yards backwards for 5 minute intervals. The vest is very comfortable and makes it feel like a walk in the park with 350 pounds in tow." - A. Clausley, Issaquah, WA

"Great product by this seller.  Very satisfied.  Shipping was delayed, and we were reimbursed for extra expense for faster shipping.  Thank you, Jeff" - Sue G.  Swartz Creek, MI

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