ComCor I Sled Harness

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  • Non-Slip Belt system: light pulling stage 1 & heavy pulling stage 2 
  • Single or Double strap connection for your weighted sled
  • 3 Chest Sizes: Youth, Adult and Big & Tall (measured under chest line)
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Defects
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • Made in the USA - Not Imported
  • Optional Padded Shoulders
  • Optional 9' Pull Strap 
  •  Optional *2-point  or **Single point sled connection
  • All Metal Fasteners; no plastic to break!
  • 2 Anchor Rings: 1 Front, 1 Back

NEW ComCor®  I Sled Harness for quick, simple use. 3" wide shoulders. Optional 9' pull strap with 2000 lb. rated snap hooks. Optional 1 or 2 point sled connection. Optional Padded Shoulders. Helps build strong core muscles, strength for sprinting, power for football, lacrosse, baseball and soccer. Great for person gym use and Crossfit® workouts. Fully reinforced at all stress points. Perfect for dragging tires, sleds, parachutes and more at a great price! The Dual-Action Belt connection allows you to pull light loads with 2 D-rings or heavy loads with 4 D-rings no belt slipping or failures like other sled harnesses which slip, or break.

10 guys pull 22,000 lb. water truck 300 ft.  ComCor® Sled Harnesses will do the job!

*2-point sled connection means your sled requires two connections.

**Single point connection means your sled has only one point to connect to.

Fast shipping via USPS priority mail service 2-day** plus weekends and holidays. 

*(less shipping)

** Some areas are 3-day 

"This is a tuff, strong harness. I got mine to use for tire pulling and it's holding up great...very durable and tuff!! Good harness for the money!!" - A. Hancock, VA 

"Cooler than the other side of pillow on crisp autumn night. Brings a new level of fun to weighted conditioning sessions. The best tow strap are very durable, I am pulling 350 pounds for timed sessions 25 yards forward and 25 yards backwards for 5 minute intervals. The vest is very comfortable and makes it feel like a walk in the park with 350 pounds in tow." - A. Clausley, Issaquah, WA

"Great product by this seller.  Very satisfied.  Shipping was delayed, and we were reimbursed for extra expense for faster shipping.  Thank you, Jeff" - Sue G.  Swartz Creek, MI

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