ComCor MAX Sled Harness - Made in USA

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  • Made in USA - 2-day priority shipping*
  • 9' Pulling Strap (at checkout indicate 1 or 2 points of attachment to your sled)
  • Pulls Forward (Attachment O-Ring on back) & Pulls Backward (Attachment O-Ring on front)
  • Fits all adults up to 50" girth
  • Belt system won't break, won't slip, 100% secure*** 
  • Padded rib guards for comfort 
  • ComCor harnesses will pull any truck, car or plane or money back

ComCor® Sled Harness builds powerful legs, speed, acceleration and core strength. Tested to pull 2 ton truck. Pullover vest style for easy on/off.

Includes: Lifetime warranty against defects. Fully reinforced inter-skeletal webbing system. 30-day money back guarantee. Made in the USA. *Ships USPS priority mail, 2-3 day service plus weekends and holidays. *** based on heavy sleds used by all athletes or money back.