ComCor MAX I Slightly Irregular SALE Sled Harness

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Slightly Irregular ComCor® RED MAX I  Sled Harness with Pull Strap. Discounted.

We sell only near-perfect harnesses; but when we get a slight imperfect harness we heavily discount it to sell.  This harness will pull the heaviest sleds, tires, cars, trucks, and more. Attachment ring on the front and on the back for forward and backward training protocols. Slight Irregular blemishes do not affect the durability or function. The ComCor®  MAX I Sled Harness will stand up to any pulling workout guaranteed. Order now, limited supply!


  • 2-Day Shipping via USPS Priority
  • Made in USA
  • Slightly Irregular (hard to find, but not up to our regular standards)
  • 100% Fully function
  • Double D-Ring fastener system will not slip under heaviest load
  • 3" Wide Shoulders
  • Fits Adults to 50" around measured just under the chest
  • 9' Pull strap with 2000 lb. rated Snap Hooks
  • Pulls Forward and Backward 
  • Available optional Sideward Pull Strap Attachment